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Numerous Benefits of CARHOE Hard Car Unloader

Demand for dried distillers’ grains, or DDGs, is increasing across the country as a high-protein feed option often transported by rail. DDGs can be extremely challenging to unload because the product compacts during transit.

Sarka’s CARHOE Hard Car Unloader is designed specifically to ease the strain of unloading difficult products that compact during transit in rail cars. See the CARHOE in action and read on to learn more about the benefits of having a Carhoe Hard Car Unloader.

CARHOE Makes the Job Safer

Unloading DDGs, corn gluten, and other grains can create safety issues that put employees in danger. With a Carhoe, employees aren’t climbing on railcars with tools and sledgehammers to manually separate product. Carhoe reduces employee risk by minimizing fall hazards, fatigue, injury, and workers compensation claims while also eliminating damage to railcars.

CARHOE Reduces Your Labor Costs

Carhoe decreases unloading time exponentially and reduces the number of employees required to unload difficult cars. Noise is reduced drastically because of the quiet operation and eliminates pounding with jackhammers and sledgehammers.

Benefits of Carhoe Hard Car Unloader:

  • Considerably reduces unloading time.
  • Significant reduction in employee fatigue and injury.
  • Reduces the number of employees required.
  • Eliminates damage to rail cars.
  • · Eliminates unnecessary noise to unload.
  • One Complete unit vs to secondary mounting structure.
  • On-site installation assistance.
  • Fast Installation with on-site training.

Cut the Costs with CARHOE

Learn more about how the CARHOE Hard Car Unloader can benefit your operations.

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