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Sarka’s Core Capabilities for Material Handling, Automation, and Fabrication

The Sarka team brings decades of engineering expertise to meet the mechanical and electrical needs of the manufacturing industry. We pride ourselves on combining old-world craftsmanship with the latest technology to deliver innovative solutions that make your manufacturing process more efficient and streamlined.

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Through reverse engineering and systematic problem solving, Sarka designs, builds, and implements custom solutions to meet your exact requirements. Sarka’s diversity ranges from simple material handling solutions to complete automated systems. The Sarka team specializes in reverse engineered projects where we eliminate unwanted features and enhance the product with your requests and our expertise. Sarka also specializes in a wide array of custom fabricated projects that others may not want to handle or have the experience to tackle.

How the Sarka Team Works

Imagine you run a small manufacturing business that’s been struggling to keep up with demand because your old conveyor system keeps breaking down. It’s been patched up more times than you can count, and you’re tired of the constant headaches and lost productivity.

That’s where Sarka comes in. After a friendly chat about your frustrations, we’ll send over our team of mechanical wizards. We combine our problem-solving skills with our engineering prowess to come up with a custom solution for your conveyor system.

Once designed, the Sarka team will build and implement your solution, making sure your team is trained and equipped to transition to your new system. In no time at all, your business is up and running with more efficiency and reliability than ever before.

And the best part? You didn’t have to lift a finger.

Sarka’s Unique Machine Capabilities

But it’s not just about conveyors. For our team at Sarka, custom solutions are where it’s at. We love a new challenge. 

When someone comes to us with an idea or a problem their business is facing, no business is too niche or machine is too complicated. 

We’ve reverse engineered party bikes and conveyor systems, quenchers and hard car unloaders, bandsaws and assembly fixtures, presses and tapping machines, and more.

Customer Connections with Local(-ish) Manufacturing

We can—and have—worked with customers all over the world, but our favorite folks are the ones close to home. Local manufacturers drive local economies and make a difference in the lives of our friends and neighbors. Together, we’re building more than manufacturing. We’re investing in communities.

When we work with businesses within driving distance, we’re able to establish relationships, deliver finished machines personally, and help solve problems on an ongoing basis.

More Than Just a Product: The Sarka Experience

From start to finish, the Sarka team invests tremendous time, thought, and care into each project to ensure a high quality product. Your satisfaction is essential to our success.

You don’t go looking for an adequate solution. You’re looking for an excellent solution, an innovative solution, a solution that will last. None of that can happen without collaboration and communication between us and the customer. 

Throughout the process, we’re committed to communicating and riffing potential solutions to make sure that what we have in mind will work for you. After all, this is your project. It needs to meet your expectations.

Find Out What Sarka Can Do for You

We’re looking for more puzzles to solve. If you have a challenge and are looking for an engineering expert to help you design a solution, you’ve come to the right team. Let’s talk. Bring us your craziest idea or most complex material handling problem. We bet we can help you find a solution.

Get in touch or give us a call today.

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