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Transport Challenges and Solutions for Handling DDGs

When it comes to transporting DDGs, every step of the shipping process is an opportunity to save—or lose—money.

The cost of handling DDGs can be highly volatile, depending on the mode of shipping, the time of year, market conditions, supply and demand, seasonal demand, and the destination. This volatility has a major impact on the cost of transporting DDGs.

The Type of DDGs You Transport Matters

Various types of DDG formulations will transport differently depending on several important factors, including the ambient temperature, the dryer temperature, the dryer exit moisture content, the grain particle size, and more. 

Formulations that have a higher fat content are more likely to harden up in railcars than those with less fat. 

If you’re familiar with these variations, you can prepare better for unloading and reduce your expenses accordingly.

Railcar Expenses Add Up When Transporting Caked DDGs

Rail shipping in particular is an expensive undertaking, including railcar leasing, labor, safety, cleaning, and repairs caused by damaged railcars from sledge hammers.

On top of that, if your railcar is loaded hot and moisture has accumulated on the interior, the dry particles that make up DDGs can stick together during transport. 

Stickiness and caking of DDGs can leave as much as 10% of DDGs leftover in each railcar, costing you thousands of dollars over the length of a one-way trip. 

And when caked DDGs arrive at their destination, it can take many hours to clear out the hardened grains. That time adds up, along with the damage your crew inflicts on railcars, trying to shake caked DDGs free. 

Save Time and Money with the CARHOE Hard Car Unloader

You can increase productivity and lower your transit costs significantly with the Sarka CARHOE Hard Car Unloader. This specially designed tool takes care of caked DDGs and expedites the unloading process, saving you time, energy, and resources, which could add up to thousands of dollars with every shipment.

Find out more about how the CARHOE Hard Car Unloader works and connect with a member of the CARHOE team today.

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